Good morning everyone. I hope that you’ve had a productive and relaxing week. I miss seeing all of you wonderful individuals every day. Around this time, we would have been preparing for our First Ever Improv. Olympics. I really wish that things could have been different, but I hope that you are all making the most of this time.

As a side note, I am still missing assignments from some of you. Even if you cannot finish your assignments in the designated time, please do your best to comment/email me as a check-in, so I at least know that you are able to access the material.

This week, we will be focusing on the idea of an audition. What does it look like? How do you facilitate one? What are some of the key factors when considering who to cast? ]

Just a reminder, your weekly activity this week will be due on Sunday, May 3rd at 11:59pm. It can be submitted in the comments section below, in the comments section on Microsoft Teams, or by email to


1. Follow the link to Artful Schools:

2. Watch the video “My Best Audition Advice” by Jeff Whiting. Be sure to pay attention to the advice that he gives.

3. Respond to the reflection questions provided below in full sentences. Be as thorough as possible.

Reflection Questions:

1) Question of the Week: Once the world goes back to normal, what is the first thing you want to do?

2) Now that you have completed the video, what are your immediate thoughts? Are they positive or negative?

3) What is one aspect of the video that you think was valuable to your overall learning as a director? Why?

4) What is one aspect of the video that you found problematic or confusing? Why?

5) Jeff Whiting explains that the energy and presence of the performer are an important aspect of a good audition. Do you agree with this philosophy? Why or why not?

6) If you were to be holding an audition next week, what are some of the ideas from Jeff Whiting that you would incorporate into your casting process? Why?

7) If you were holding an audition next week, what are some aspects you would look for that Jeff Whiting does not mention in his video? Why are these things important to you as a director?

8) Jeff Whiting describes the audition process as trying to find the pieces of a puzzle. Do you believe that it is more important to try and find the perfect individual for each role, or to find a group of individuals that fit well together? Explain your answer.

9) Jeff Whiting describes the audition process to be rather harsh. Do you believe this is necessary for success? Why or why not?

10) As a follow-up to the previous question, do you believe that these same audition standards should be upheld in a secondary school level? Why or why not?

I hope that everyone feels they learned something from watching this video. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at Have a great week.

-Mr. V