Good morning everyone. I hope that you had a great week last week trying out some acting at home. From the sounds of it, some of you had some interesting experiences, while some of you found it a bit challenging to do from home. I appreciate the effort from every single one of you in any case.

This week will be the first week “back to school” for some of you. Just a reminder: any student who chooses to come into school will be working on the same activities that are provided online. If you choose to stay home, you are not missing anything.

Last week provided some familiarity in the aspect of performing from home, and this week I also want to offer some familiarity. During your time with me in the classroom, you had many opportunities to develop your own scenes. This week, I am challenging everyone to plan out a scene using some different things you will learn in our online lesson.

Just a reminder that your weekly activity will be due on Sunday, June 7th at 11:59pm. You can submit the assignment in the comments section below, in the comments on Microsoft Teams, or directly by email to


Please follow the link to Artful Schools and click on the video entitled “The Who, What, Where, When + Why” by Charles Vincent Burwell.


For your activity this week, I would like you to outline a scene using some of the elements that Charles Vincent Burwell talks about in his lesson. Answer the questions below to help you develop this scene:

Step 1. Use the following scenario for your scene: two people are trapped in quarantine together.

Step 2. Decide the arch-types for these two characters: Ingenue? Rake? Hero? Vamp? (Note: Think about which combinations might create the most exciting story).

Step 3. Provide names and brief descriptions for your two characters:
Charlie / Ingenue – Charlie is the younger brother who thinks that everything will turn out okay.
Chuck / Vamp – Chuck is the mysterious older brother who seems to have more information on the quarantine than most people.

Step 4. Come up with a setting: Where and when will your two characters be quarantined? How long?

Step 5. What is the major problem of the scene? Every good scene has a problem that the characters must overcome. Think about what makes these two characters different, and think about how the setting might create an issue between these two characters.

Step 6. Develop your “tentpoles:” The video describes your “tentpoles” as the major events of the story. Please fill in what each of the following would look like:
i) The Beginning: How did the characters come together and what put them into this setting?
ii) The Problem: What causes the problem, and what does it do to the characters?
iii) The Resolution: How does the problem ultimately get solved?

Step 7. Tell the story. Now that you have designed your characters, setting, basic plot points and your problem, it is time to sprinkle those breadcrumbs into the story. Submit a paragraph that describes what would happen in this scene from start to finish. 

**Alternatively for Step 7, you can record the scene and submit it to me via email.

I hope that you all have a great week. If you have any questions, please contact me through Microsoft Teams or by email at

-Mr. V