Good morning students and parents:

I hope that you have all had a refreshing, safe and healthy long weekend. But with the weekend over, it is time to officially begin our first week of continued learning. Please read the following carefully, as it contains important information on how Drama courses will continue through an online model.

If you are reading this, it means you have likely read the email I sent out earlier this morning, and have decided to explore the curriculum using my website.

Every Monday (unless it is a holiday like yesterday), I will post a weekly activity for students to engage with at home. Students should do their best to try these activities out from home, and are welcome to include parents, siblings, guardians, or other members of their household to help with the experience. Each exercise will come with a short activity that must be submitted by 11:59pm the following Sunday.

I am aware that not everyone has access to the best technology at home, which is why I am doing my best to make each and every assignment accessible and completable even from a smart phone with a basic web browser. You should not run in to many technical issues, but if you do, don’t worry. You can always send me an email to let me know what is going on. 

Your workload each week for my course should not exceed two hours (this includes reading, watching resources and completing assignments). If you find yourself spending more than two hours to complete a task, please let me know and we can find a solution. The point of these weekly online lessons are not to overwhelm you, but rather, to allow for you to continue your learning in the dramatic arts.  

If you have any questions or concerns about each weekly activity, feel free to leave a comment on this post, or email me at

I look forward to our continued learning in Drama. Please be sure to read this week’s activity (which will be posted shorty after this), and to check back every Monday for your next activity.

-Mr. Vigna