Good morning everyone. I hope that you all had a wonderful week.

As this will be one of our final weeks with Theatre Company, I was hoping that this week would serve as a final reflection. I want you to think about your experiences, both from before Spring Break and after Spring Break, and think about how they have affected you as a person.

To accommodate the long weekend, your weekly assignment this week will be due on Tuesday, May 19th at 11:59pm. You can submit the assignment in the comments section below, in the comments on Microsoft Teams, or by email to

Reflection Questions: (Please think deeply about these questions and respond to them thoughtfully in complete sentences).

1a) What was your favourite scene or moment from “The Show Must Go On?”

1b) Why was this your favourite scene?

2a) What do you think was your greatest achievement in this course?

2b) How do you think you were able to accomplish this achievement?

3a) What do you think was your greatest obstacle in this course?

3b) Did you overcome this obstacle? Why or why not?

4a) When was a time that you believe you demonstrated strong leadership in Theatre Company?

4b) How were you able to achieve this role of leadership?

5a) When was a time where you believe you could have shown more leadership in Theatre Company?

5b) How might you do things differently now?

6) One of the goals of this course is to learn that creative growth requires patience, readiness to take risks, and willingness to try new approaches. Can you remember a rime when you achieved this goal?

7) Another goal of this course was to understand that art requires you to explore outside your comfort zone. Can you identify a time where you explored outside of your comfort zone?

8) How did the news of our show’s cancellation make you feel?

9) Do you believe that participating in this course, despite the cancellation of our show, was still valuable to you as a performer or as a person?

10) Did continuing to explore Theatre Company through an online model help to give some closure to the show? Why or why not?

11) Please provide two “Stars” (two highlights from the class).

12) Please provide a wish (something you wish we would have done).

I look forward to reading your responses. Please have a great week.

-Mr. V