Good morning everyone. I hope that you’ve all had a wonderful week. Just a reminder, in a semestered school, teachers are allowed to assign up to three hours of content per course per week. Obviously, last week’s workload was fairly light, and many of you may have completed it in under an hour. Last week was intended to ease you back into learning, and as such, the upcoming weeks will likely require a little bit more of your time.

That being said, while you may need to spend more time engaging with course content, that does not mean it will become more difficult or stressful. For example, this week’s lesson will require you to spend much more time engaging with video material, but will include a much smaller activity afterward. While you might find yourself spending more time on this course this week, overall, the workload should actually be more relaxed than last week.

This week, you will be watching a few videos, and then completing a reflection activity afterward. Please note that the reflection questions will be due on Sunday, April 26th at 11:59pm. They can be submitted in the comments section below, in the comments section on Microsoft Teams, or by email to

Our activity this week will be revisit our improvisation unit that we were exploring when we left for Spring Break. Obviously, improvisation is highly reliant on having a group of individuals to work with, and would require us to all be in the same space to perform. 

As an alternative, you will be engaging with a popular television show that is all about improvisation and theatre sports called “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” 

**IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: “Whose Line Is It Anyway” is an improvisation-based television show that is focused on comedy. It is rated 14A, and as such, can sometimes include crude humour pertaining to sexuality, drug use and violence. If you or your parent do not feel comfortable with you watching this television show for educational purposes, please send me an email at and we can sort out an alternative activity for you.


1. Before engaging with the material, make sure to read the reflection activity below so that you know what you should be thinking about when watching the videos. 

2. Watch the three episodes of “Whose Line Is It Anyway” that are assigned this week:

3. Complete the reflection activity below. Please take some time to think about each question, and then answer them in 2-3 sentences each. When you are finished, submit your answers to the questions in the comments section below, or in the comments section on Microsoft Teams. Be sure to include your name with your questions so that I know that it is you.

Reflection Questions: Week 2

**Please be aware that the comments section on this website are public. As such, avoid using names of students when you are answering these questions. Rather, speak about your group in a very general manner.

1. Question of the Week: What do you miss most about our improvisation unit?

2. What is one game in “Whose Line Is It Anyway” that you believe would have worked well with your improvisation team?

3. Why did you choose this game for your group in particular?

4. What are some of the Theatre skills necessary in order to succeed in this game?

5. Do you think any of the improvisation exercises that we did in class helped to prepare students for an activity such as this one? Which exercise(s) and why?

6. What do you think a game like this would teach your team about theatre and performance?

7. Are there any modifications you would place onto this activity to make it more accessible for the students in your group?

I hope that everyone enjoys watching these videos. I look forward to hearing from you all. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments, or email me at

-Mr. Vigna


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